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Tempo-Dienst, der Tempo Club in
          Deutschland.Presentation of the Tempo Club in Germany.

We are the new Tempo car owners association in Germany.
We have been founded in summer 1999 as a community of Tempo and Hanomag light commercial vehicle drivers. We help each other concerning any problems about our cars, produced by Tempo, Hanomag, Mercedes, Jensen, Barreiros and Bajaj Tempo Ltd. based on Tempo patents.

In the meantime we have stored many helpful documents in our archives. Our internetsites www.tempo-dienst.de are updated permanently. There you will find useful information about your Tempo vehicle and you will be able to search online in our spare part catalogues and the Tempo announcement-market. We also have a Tempo Forum with useful hints and tips about the "Vidal und Sohn" vehicles.

Joining the Tempo Club in Germany is interesting for you. The fee is only 10,- Euro each year. You may contact our model specialists for troubleshooting, and  each year we will send our Tempo Calendar (in German language) to you.

You want to join us? Please send us the membershipform.

May we help you? Please contact us.

And now have a lot of fun with our internet pages. Please tell your friends about us.

Your Tempo Dienst, the German Tempo car owners association.